Saturday, June 28, 2008

Graveyard of Dreams

Right here beneath you lies your dream,
Broken, shattered, destroyed beyond recognition,
That which you thought you will hold forever close
Buried alive, fallen, hurt and still vulnerable.

You know now that not every poem must rhyme,
And not every day begins with sunshine,
Sunsets too are rarely breath-taking,
Only the occasional rainbow has all seven.

Loves and lives too are just days,
Roads are all lonely and endless,
Silence screams, and always louder than words,
Everyone is a stranger alone in a crowd.

But you have also discovered something else,
You know now that the wind will still flow in,
Chased by light and the occasional dew drop,
Even if you tightly shut all the windows you can.

Life you now realize is an adhesive,
No matter how many glass dreams you have,
No matter how many shatter on life’s rocky roads,
Life picks up all the pieces and moves on.

Uncountable dreams and ambitions die every day,
You watch them fall, sometimes resigned, often reluctant,
Adding another tally to the things you could never be,
Never actually making peace with their untimely deaths.

Life around you may be a graveyard of dreams then,
Each day a funeral, every whisper a requiem,
Yet you remember to bring flowers to these graves everyday,
Knowing their fragrance will wash out the stench of the corpses.

Black Suits and Blue Jeans

Isn’t it strange how your beauty never goes out of fashion?

You no longer wear that hair-do that was such a rage,
You have thrown away clothes belonging to another age,
The standard tees, tops and jeans still remain,
If only to prove to this world you are still sane.

Yet the smile blazes with the age-old kindness,
Eyes sparklingly clear with life that I have always known,
Your touch never let go of that nostalgic warmth
Your words still ring with love, making me your own.

There are things that don’t last through the night,
Then there are things which never go out of sight;
Black suits and blue jeans will always hang in my room,
And just like your beauty, always in full bloom.